20 January 2021
    Workers seek protection from spiraling prices
    MANILA, Philippines-Workers yesterday demanded government protection from the spiraling prices of food and other basic commodities. The Associated Labor Union (ALU) called on the Department of Agriculture (DA) and the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) to strengthen price regulation measures for the protection of workers, particularly minimum wage earners, from exorbitant prices. The combined government agencies had already identified the gaps and problematic layers giving rise to these runaway prices of basic food commodities, the DA and the DTI now have to step up their price regulation mandate and level up their enforcement to further improve the protection of consumers, particularly against profiteers, supply hoarders and middlemen victimizing retailers and ordinary people, ALU national executive vice president Gerard Seno said in a statement.
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    19 January 2021
    Bring down prime goods prices, ALU urges govt
    Workers group Associated Labor Unions (ALU) has called on the Department of Agriculture (DA) and the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) to bring prices of basic commodities down to reasonable level as soon as possible. The group said workers particularly those receiving the minimum wage are outraged over the exorbitant hike in prices of basic food items amid the ongoing national economic and health crises caused by the coronavirus-19 pandemic. These basic and prime commodities, ALU said, are rice, vegetables, livestock meat and poultry products including cooking fuel liquified petroleum product (LPG) being sold at public markets, grocery stores and supermarkets.
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    14 January 2021
    TUCP pushes for vaccine prioritization for workers
    The Trade Union Congress of the Philippines (TUCP) said workers should be among the first to receive inoculations against the COVID-19 virus.TUCP Partylist Representative Raymond Democrito Mendoza said the government should prioritize the workers in the vaccination program as these are the people who are in high-traffic settings and interact with many other people on a daily basis. Vaccinating those who come into contact with the most people should be the priority, to prevent further spread of the disease, he said in a statement in Wednesday. TUCP said non-medical frontliners cannot be given enough recognition for the work that they have done so tirelessly during the pandemic.
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    13 January 2021
    Villanueva calls on IATF: Start drawing up guidelines on priority list to avoid overlaps in vaccine
    While negotiations are ongoing between the government and pharmaceutical firms who intend to supply COVID-19 vaccine for the countrys inoculation program, Senator Joel Villanueva called on the Inter-Agency Task Force to begin drawing up a clear-cut master list of beneficiaries to ensure no overlaps in the selection given the limited resources. Villanueva, chair of the Senate labor committee, emphasized the importance of the precise targeting of beneficiaries because based on the initial priority list of the government, a person can fall under multiple categories. The IATF should start drawing up guidelines as early as now so that we can maximize the distribution of the vaccines given the limited supply. A person could easily fall under two and more categories, so there must be a clear set of guidelines on this, Villanueva said in a statement. We should already be anticipating the kinds of issues we would encounter once the roll-out begins.
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    11 January 2021
    Regional wage boards cleared to hold hearings via teleconference
    REGIONAL WAGE BOARDS have been given the go-ahead to conduct virtual hearings and consultations to adjust the minimum wage in their areas of responsibility, according to the National Wages and Productivity Commission (NWPC). In a phone interview, NWPC Executive Director Maria Criselda R. Sy said before the pandemic, wage hearings were limited to face-to-face meetings. The guidelines will accommodate the multiplatform⦠this will now allow multiple platforms for consultations, she said, subject to the discretion of the (regional wage) board.
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    10 January 2021
    Senator: Include workers in Covid-19 vaccine program
    SENATOR Joel Villanueva reiterated the need to include workers in the governments vaccination program, particularly those earning minimum wage. He said the ability to sustain the countrys economic recovery relies heavily on inoculating those providing essential services to the public. Villanueva, chair of the Senate labor committee, said he would scrutinize the governments plan for the roll-out of the Covid-19 vaccine as the Senate convenes the Committee of the Whole on Monday, January 11, 2021, to look into the vaccination program. Officials of the Inter-Agency Task Force managing the pandemic response, as well as from the Department of Health are expected to attend.
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