Almighty Father,

Always guide and give us all

The strength and courage

To accept and perform

Our duties and responsibilities

In accordance to Thy holy will.


 Lord God,

Let us face its hardships

With courage and dignity

To endure life

We are fighting for

And love the fruit of our labor

-that is success.


Unify us

In all our dreams and actions

Until all our aspirations

And ambitions will unfold

Right in our very eyes.

 This we ask

In the name of your Son

Our Lord Jesus Christ






Workers Prayer


Lord Jesus,

We offer you this day our works,

Our hopes and struggles,

Our joys and sorrows.


Give us and all workers of the world

The grace to work as you did

So that everything we do

May benefit our fellowmen and

Glorify GOD, our Father.


Your Kingdom come

Into all factories, farms, offices and into our homes.


Give us this day our daily bread,

May we receive it without envy or injustice

May those of us who, today, may be in danger of sin

Remain in Your grace, and

May those who died in labor’s field of honor rest in peace.


Teach us to be generous,

To serve you as you deserve to be served,

To give without counting the cost,

To fight without minding the wounds,

To work and pray as our right and duty, and

To spend our life without expecting any return

Other than the conviction that

We are doing Your holy will.