ALU at the forefront of empowering workers and their families in their struggle for just and humane conditions of work to improve the quality of their lives along with contributing to the attainment of social justice and sustainable development in an atmosphere of democracy, solidarity and faith in God.





1. Uphold the dignity of labor and preserve, strengthen and protect human and trade union rights.
2. Educate, organize, and negotiate collective agreements.
3. Enhance workers’ productivity, contribute to corporate competitiveness, and promote
    industrial peace.
4. Promote the physical, psychological, spiritual, moral, cultural, political and economic
    well-being of members.
5. Build alliance, forge partnerships and work concertedly with civil society organizations and
    social partners

6. Participate effectively in the formulation, implementation,  monitoring and evaluation of
    policies, laws and programs for good governance and nation-building.








We take to heart our organizational vision, mission and objectives as well as our individual duties and responsibilities. We put them at the service of our members and their families, workers in general and our country. 



We accept different but related areas of responsibilities and competencies.  We demonstrate individual initiative, professionalism and activism.  On the other hand, we provide mutual support for development and productivity.  We are in pursuit of complete, timely, quality, relevant and honest work.



We exist as a sovereign entity.  In freedom, we critically work and negotiate with social partners to protect the rights of workers and unions.



We uphold the highest standards of conduct.  We adhere to truth, value life, practice non-violence and keep moral uprightness in our relationships, responsibilities and organizational structures, policies, processes, decisions and practices.



We recognize equality in human dignity and rights.  We respect people regardless of their race, nationality, colour, ethnicity, sex and orientation, civil status, religion or belief, age, disability or political persuasion. We are committed to eliminating discrimination.


Ecological Balance

We respect the integrity of the earth.  We live our lives and conduct our union operations, mindful of protecting the environment, maintaining harmonious relations of people and nature, and promoting inter-generational equity.



The general membership is our supreme body.  We see to it that our members participate in decision-making processes, including selection of leaders by genuine election.  We accept diversity and tolerate difference of opinions and healthy dissent.




We are united in serving workers and their families, our unions, the country and God.  We work as a team, with each member having a role to play, duty to share talents and contribute outputs.  We fairly share the burdens and gains in union struggle.  We work to strengthen internal, national and international solidarity.