Headed by the National Vice President for Administration, the Division efficiently managed ALU’s resources to provide crucial support to ALU operations, servicing to members, advocacy and developmental concerns.


One of ALU’s biggest activities during the last five years was the Union’s 13th Supreme National Congress held on 21 April 2007 in Marco Polo Plaza Hotel, Cebu City.  The theme of the Congress was “Trade Unions: New Role, New Concepts, New Responsibilities.”


Then Department of Labor and Employment Secretary Arturo D. Brion read the Philippine President’s  address and  inducted into office the newly-elected officers of the Union.


The Supreme Congress is the highest governing body of the Unions .  ALU national officials and delegates elected by regional councils constitute the Congress.  The Congress is convened every five years at such time and place as the National Executive Officials (NEOs), or the National Executive Board (NEB) may determine.  It formulates major policy and program direction to continue promoting the well-being of ALU members and their families and protecting the rights of workers in general.  


At the core, the Congress addresses membership expansion, CBA coverage, services, human and organizational development, advocacies and participation at all levels of decision-making structures and processes .



Organizational Developments and Changes



ALU implemented structural changes during the period like renaming the Operations Division in the National Office and the Operations Department in the Regional Offices (ROs) as Membership Recruitment & Services (MRS) Division and MRS Department, respectively, and abolishing sections in the regional structure.  The organizational restructuring was in line with the theme of the ALU Congress in 2007.


ALU Eastern Visayas Regional Office (EVRO) was converted into Eastern Visayas District Office (EVDO) in March 2007 and placed the District Office under the control and supervision of the Central Visayas Regional Office (CVRO).   The jurisdiction of the CVRO includes now the provinces of, and cities in, Leyte and Samar. 


ALU Southern Mindanao Regional Office (SMRO) had a new head.  Bro. Jessie N. Pagaran1 was appointed in June 2006 as Acting Regional Vice President for Southern Mindanao, replacing vice Bro. Fortunato M. Maranian who retired upon reaching the age of 65.  Bro. Pagaran was previously an Operations Officer in the Luzon Regional Office (LRO).The National and International Affairs Division (NIAD) was reactivated in December 2007.  Bro. Raymond C. Mendoza was appointed as NIAD head with the rank of National Vice President2



 1 Became a regular RVP for Southern Mindanao five months later, or on 1 November 2006.
  2 Last occupant to the position was the late Bro. Cerge M. Remonde from November 1992 to  August 1994.