10 broadcasting franchises signed into law

from September 2, 2019 04:00 pm to September 2, 2019 04:00 pm

President Duterte has signed laws granting the franchise of 10 radio and television stations for 25 years. 

Of the 10 companies, six broadcasting stations are allowed to construct, install, establish, operate, and maintain radio and television stations in the country. These are Golden nation Network Inc. (Republic Act No. 114212).  Pacific Broadcasting System Inc. (Republic Act No. 11413), Rajah Broadcasting Netwrok (Republic Act No. 11414), Radyo Pilipino Corporation (Republic Act No. 11415), Vimcontu Broadcasting Corporation (Republic Act No. 11421), and Swara Sug Media Corporation (Republic Act No. 11422).
Duterte also renewed for 25 years the franchise granted to two other Companies, namely Philippine Radio Corporation (Republic Act No. 11418) to operate radio stations in the country.
The franchise of RT Broadcast Specialist Phil. Inc. has also been renewed for 25 years to operate radio and television stations in Mindanao under Republic Act No. 11417.
RA 11419 granted the Cadiz Radio and Television Netwrok Inc. a franchise to establish and operate radio and television stations in Western Visayas area.
Under the lasws, the grantees must secure from the National Telecommunications Commission the appropriate permits and licenses for their operations.
The franchise included the grantee's responsibility to the public including providing free time for public announcements in times of emergencies and calamities, providing sound and balanced programming and conforming to the ethics of honest enterprise.