Labor Day 2021 Message of the National Executive Vice President

from May 1, 2021 01:00 am to May 1, 2021 01:00 am

Labor Day 2021 Message of the National Executive Vice President


More than a year ago, as nations fumbled with the current pandemic, many of us experienced uncertainty in the most prevalent and deepest forms.


Many workers accepted alternative work arrangements that meant reduced working hours and considerably less pay. Those who needed to come to work risked contracting the lethal disease lest they were prepared to send their families in hunger. Precarious workers who had rendered years of service were let go easily. Seafarers were sent home without knowing when they may return aboard. Overseas Filipino Workers could not leave their countries of destination. Workers in the informal economy hurt as they dealt with the lack of social protection . Women workers compromised as work and home imploded. Young people dealt with even fewer opportunities.


This Labor Day, let us remember that these workers, spent as they are, are the same workers who have not gone into any vacation because they chose to keep our health care system working. They are the people who prepare our to-go food orders, drive us to work and own shelters of safety, disinfect the places we visit, open the doors for us so that we have minimum contact with our surroundings, and report onsite so that most of us can remain at home.


Today is an opportunity to reflect on the contributions of the working class.


We in the Associated Labor Unions speak to the workers who have been enabling our lives, economy, and well-being this pandemic: We hope that you recognize your belonging to the breed of workers whose solidarity and vision for a better future led to what we now celebrate as the Labor Day.


More than a year ago, solidarity and vision for a better future brought workers groups to call for Covid-19’s recognition as an occupational disease.  This aspiration was realized three days ago.


We hope that this recent win will remind us of what unity can achieve. We hope it can tide us over this lingering crisis and our long-drawn struggle for social justice. We hope that the sacrifices in lives and welfare will neither be asked of us again nor be treated as common occurrence. We hope that we will soon thrive rather than just survive.


Pasasalamat at mapagpalayang Araw ng Paggawa!


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Labor Day Message of the ALU National Executive Vice President











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