PRFEU, PMSEU throw thanksgiving for CBA signing


By Ira Karen Apanay


The Philex Rank-and-File Employees Union – Associated Labor Unions (PRFEU – ALU) and Philex Mining Supervisory Employees Union – Associated Professional, Supervisory, Office and Technical Employees Union (PMSEU – APSOTEU) celebrated a day of thanksgiving on 22 October 2011 in Tuba, Benguet,  after they signed with Philex Mining Corporation their Collective Bargaining Agreements (CBAs) on 5 September 2011 and 10 October 2011, respectively.  


With the theme: Collaboration in Realization of Workplace Harmony, ALU – Luzon Regional Office Operations Officer Sofriano Mataro stressed that  the birth of better CBAs for the workers was worth the long negotiation period - the longest he ever experienced.  


ALU National Vice President and Oversight Executive Committee member Michael Mendoza, thanked Philex management, headed by Chairman and CEO Manny Pangilinan, for recognizing and giving  credence to union rights.  


Philex Mining Assistant Resident Manager Engineer Libby Ricafort, said that the joint thanksgiving activity symbolizes the solidarity that is real at work, where management, supervisors and rank-and-file employees harmoniously work together, contribute to company’s success and harvest God’s  blessings.  


PMSEU President Reynaldo Lardizabal thanked management for the P225 million worth of benefit package.  The CBA provides the 416 PMSEU members with:  P2,500 signing bonus/member; salary increase of P1,500/month for 2010, P1,600/month for 2011 and P1,700/month for 2012; one-time grant of gas range; 70% subsidy of liquefied petroleum gas and;  Out Patient benefit worth P20,000 which can be accessed by dependents, among other benefits.  


PRFEU President Alex Badongen thanked management for the payment of the 1,500 rank-and-file employees’ back wages.  The PRFEU CBA retroacts to 2 January 2010 and expires on 1 January 2015.  The package includes among other benefits, additional 2 cavans of rice, bringing the current 7 to a total of 9 cavans/year and an annual wage increase of P33/day on 2 January 2010, P33/day on 2 January 2011 and P34/day on 2 January 2012.